Art Prints for Home Decor
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When two websites agree to partner by trading links or placing "reciprocal links" on their respective websites, two positive effects are generated.  First, reliable traffic through visitors following the inbound links to your website. The more inbound links you have, the more reliable traffic you have. It's up to you to determine how much link traffic is desirable. Second, all things being equal (good content, desirable keywords, meta tags, etc.), websites with more inbound links tend to rise higher in the search engine results. This creates more traffic. As long as the inbound links to your website come from sites with related content, there is no downside to reciprocal links.

Get Listed Higher by Becoming a Link Partner

Place a link on your website (we request from your own domain name) to a page at Art Prints for Home Decor and you can become a Link Partner. When you are a Link Partner, you will receive special treatment with your link located at the top "Link Partner" portion of the listing area of the page. A horn with a red ribbon will be placed next to your link in the Link Partner section letting our visitors know you are a Link Partner.

If your website is currently not listed in our directory, please request a link on our Add Link page. We will review your website for quality and appropriateness. We link only to home-decor-related websites. We request that you have clear and easy navigation on your website to your link page for your visitors. Your link to us must be on a website you own and link directly to Art Prints for Home Decor. Please note that Art Prints for Home Decor is a family-friendly site.

How to Link to

Please link to us as follows:

Link Text/URL: Please find the Link Text at the very bottom of the page on which you want to be listed. See figure below. Also, please use the URL of the page on which you want to be listed as our Link URL.
Description: Buy fine art prints custom framed and visit our handpicked directory of home decorating websites.

Find Link Text as Shown Below:

link text


If you like to add graphics to your listings, here are two samples that can be used:

480 x 60

245 x 54